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The entrepreneurial climate in Croatia has been moving from a dead point in recent years, but not fast enough. Nearly three-quarters of Croatians believe that unfavorable legal regulations and bureaucracy are slowing entrepreneurship. The fact that entrepreneurs do not associate with a positive image, even though they employ almost 70 percent of the workers of our Beautiful, does not contribute to this. Entrepreneurs have the most problems at the very beginning when trying to start a business and market their products.

Unfavorable economic conditions impede normal development, but the government is trying to market loans to entrepreneurs. With the help of the European Union and the withdrawal of funds from European funds, the perception is slowly changing. This is how some companies have been given the opportunity to do otherwise.

Loans for entrepreneurs are a special type of loan for new entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to improve production. This type of loan has a more favorable interest rate than others and has a grace period of several years. Equally, there are no various processing fees for business loans. These are methods that help stimulate the development of entrepreneurship.

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Loans for entrepreneurs and how to reach them through European funds

Loans for entrepreneurs are part of the offer of government organizations to promote entrepreneurship. Croatia has earmarked almost 11 billion euros in European funds that can be used for growth and development. However, this money is not given to us, but we need to be able to draw it. According to experts, we are currently under-drawing and overfilling the European box office.

Such loans for entrepreneurs are not easy to come by. They require an innovative idea and an extremely well-developed plan for the development and investment. Projects are not easy, but not impossible, they just need to be done. The state even provided various workshops for all those wishing to learn to write European projects, and now special companies have specialized in this.

Loans for entrepreneurs: What do banks have to offer?

For many years, banks have been offering special loans to entrepreneurs. They are intended for all those who are just starting their first business and those who already have a well-established business but want to improve it. They offer short-term and long-term loans to entrepreneurs. The short-term is intended for investment in working capital, while the long-term is intended for business improvement which cannot be done in the short term. Most often they refer to agriculture, tourism and the like.

The very process of obtaining loans for entrepreneurs is led by special employees who specialize in working for legal entities. Conditions for loans for entrepreneurs are more favorable than for individuals, but they require a good plan. In most cases, they involve large sums of money that pose too much risk to banks, and besides elaborate development plans, they also require certain security instruments. In this way they are secured against debts in case of non-payment of loans.